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An enlightening journey into your inner realms,
initiated by your breath, sound and touch.SRINIVAS ARKA

Theory/Practical Courses

Arka Dhyana IM Online Theory Course is important as it teaches the philosophy & concept of Arka Dhyana IM. We encourage you to Register for this course in order to fully understand and appreciate how it can benefit you. Read more...
Arka Dhyana IM Practical Course is recommended for you as it helps you to raise your level of conscious awareness and increase your positive potential. It is conducted in various countries for the benefit of people around the globe. Read more...

Media & Audio

The practice of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation is augmented with the support of printed/electronic media and audio. While the Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation book covers in detail the theory, concept and practical guidelines, the range of Audio CDs, Instrumental Music help you in your practice and experience of Arka Dhyana IM. Read more...

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"When you reach the very core of your consciousness (deepest inner self), you lose your body identity, memory identity, psychological identity, since you stay at the border of higher consciousness, which is the consciousness of the nature outside; it is where nature (you may call it even higher nature) operates or functions for the world of matter, body and mind.
A consistent practice of Intuitive Meditation (Dhyana) can lead one to have this most enlightening, mystical and spiritual experience."
- Srinivas Arka
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