In this method we touch the key points in the body in a flowing sequence (these are demonstrated in detail in the Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation book), providing a deep conscious touch at each point, not just an ordinary physical touch. Touch invites your conscious awareness and energies to rise to the surface from the deeper recesses of the body, and it feels like some form of light manifests in that region. You may not see it, but you feel the warmth, energy and magnetism as your presence revitalises that region with your own conscious touch. It is so comforting and unifying that you feel deeply connected with your deeper Self.

The touch, synchronised with breath and sound, instils a powerful magnetic force into each point of the body. The whole sequence weaves together in a beautiful symphony of touch, breath and sound which harmonises the body and mind. You are the heart and the heart is you. There is an absolute feeling of oneness.

“Touch is the Mother sense – a special channel for us to experience the shape and size of the world. Touch is ahead of logic. Touch tells us the texture, temperature and nature of the object or a living being.”
Srinivas Arka