The State of Being Conscious

In human beings, consciousness manifests as awareness. This is also true of plants and animals, but their expressions of awareness are different from those of humans. Consciousness manifests itself through physical matter, needs no boundaries, can take any form or shape, and can emerge under challenging life conditions. In spirituality, consciousness is mainly a non-physical, yet powerful entity that is the pivotal point of all life and activates the senses in every living being. It is highly responsive and expressive, and has many levels, especially in humans.

There is a deep unconscious intuitive awareness, which transcends the domain that exists between our consciousness and mere body-awareness. Through this awareness, one experiences pain and pleasure through mind and matter. With time, one yearns to achieve enlightenment on the journey of life. Anything we identify as part of our being is simply an extension of that Self/Soul, unconscious to our minds.

A person is said to be conscious when they can be aware of what they are sensing, including processes such as thinking, seeing, hearing, feeling and imagining. A person when conscious experiences their surroundings. An absence of outward- consciousness can be observed when a person is in a deep coma; all voluntary physical and psychological activities have ceased, there is no alertness, no response to outside stimuli and the brain activity is minimal. They can remember hardly anything after regaining consciousness.

Humans can experience their existence profoundly when they are in a state of full awareness and full consciousness. This awareness is re-established only when a person is able to understand and feel the presence of other living and non-living entities.

Consciousness makes it possible for the individual to be aware of what passes through their own mind. The main centre for mind-consciousness (surface-manifested consciousness) is believed to be originating from the reticular function of the brain. The mind is an extended entity of the deeper consciousness within. It is a connecting agent between the senses, body, mind and memory centre. The brain alone does not have an overall view and experience of an object without the heart.

“Consciousness has layers, as many as our thoughts.”
Srinivas Arka