“I have been practising the Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation technique developed by Srinivas Arka and observed increased energy level, awareness and understanding. The most important thing that touched me is his principle of living “Here and Now” which gives a great level of fulfilment in any activity that I do.”

Nilesh Parekh, Artha Tax and Financial Services, Canada


“Early this year 2014, it was our good fortune to read the book ‘Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation’ cursorily. Subsequent in-depth reading of the book reveals the great clarity with which the author, Srinivas Arka, has described the Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation (IM) technique in which the senses of touch, sound and breath are integrated seamlessly as a launching pad to embark into meditation. With a combination of an ‘open mind’ and a ‘receptive heart’, the reader is invited to explore subjectively the contours of his/her consciousness during a Dhyana (IM) session.

The book is interspersed with inspirational messages, succinct words of guidance and encouragement excerpted mostly from Srinivas Arka’s other published works: Adventures of Self-Discovery, Becoming Inspired, Petals of the Heart and Intuitive Intelligence Programme.”

Vijaya and Visvanathan, Brisbane, Australia


One of the biggest fears mankind has is loss of accurate vision. As I started from Chicago to go to Toronto on the evening of July 26, 2013 to meet Srinivas Arka I was for some reason having difficulty reading signs on the highway. I started using my glasses which I normally do not use since they have minimal correction per my optometrist and ophthalmologist. I saw Arka for the celebration dinner next day July 27, 2013 and while driving back late at night to the hotel I was not wearing my bifocal glasses and I had no problems reading the signs on the highway. I had many short meditation experiences during the celebration dinner. This tells me that during my meditation experiences and in his presence my vision was corrected. I have not been using my glasses again in the evenings while driving at all. This is a true scientific experience with validation that meditation is important for self-healing. I hope by sharing this experience I can reinforce other seekers to believe in self-healing with meditation.”

Roop R. Gupta, M.D., Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.   Aug 4, 2013


“I found it inspirational, directly applicable to problems that everyone one faces today e.g. pace of life, pressures of work etc and a practical guide to someone just starting to search for meaningful answers to soulful searching questions.”

Dr Hazel Gorham, Senior Clinical Project Manager, Oxford, United Kingdom


“Srinivas Arka, has touched the hearts of many by way of his profound and inspirational writings and lectures that have been contributing in a significant way to the enrichment of human life. He is a strong believer that peace can be attained through meditation and has developed the practical approach of the Arka Dhyana meditation technique, which gives way to attaining peace and also a journey in exploring and utilizing the dormant positive energies and creative talents in human.

The method of Arka Dhyana, is the outcome of many years of inspirational work by Srinivas Arka. People in different parts of the world like Australia, England, USA, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, just to name a few, have experienced Arka Dhyana and are reaping the fruits. Many have experienced physical, mental and spiritual benefits with positive progress in their everyday lives. Seminars have been conducted where intensive training, through theory and practice, has been imparted.

Srinivas Arka has written about Arka Dhyana and related topics in a very systematic manner explaining the most intricate and complex concepts in a simple form that is easily understood, which will serve as a valuable reference. It provides the reader with the concepts underlying the method of Arka Dhyana and also describes the method in detail with a very practical approach. Arka Dhyana teaches us that there is a means, a natural and positive way to explore our minds and our deeper selves by gently allowing or calling the heart to take over whereby the mind will gracefully accept the new guidance. We can then naturally obtain insight and expansion into the deeper levels of our consciousness.

This philosophy and method brings our focus down to the centre of the heart region and thus increases our intuitive ability through which we are able to find our path in life. It enables our consciousness to shift into a greater awareness of our inner self as well as our environment. I confidently state that this Arka Dhyana is philosophically and spiritually so profound and effective. Arka Dhyana brings out a new philosophy and a new concept for the progress of humanity through a balanced approach to our lives with a blend of scientific understanding and mystical insight.”

P Ramachandra B.E, MBA, Deputy Project Director (PMG), Aeronautical Development Agency, Government of India, Bangalore-560017, India


“Listening to him (Srinivas Arka) I felt such a sense of connection and calmness. Some key points I managed to gather to myself were that the heart is the physical space of all our inner consciousness. As he spoke about this I felt a light and warmth around my heart area. Now when I want to quieten my mind, I can readily feel the sensation and connection again. Mr Arka also spoke about natural rhythms and how often our minds pull us away from our own natural rhythms, distracting us or making us unaware of our true inner selves. By just pulling our minds gently back to observe the natural rhythm of our breath, we can reconnect with our inner consciousness and every other aspect of our being benefits immediately—so simple but so powerful.

Another strong message I took away with me was that Mr Arka’s description of our beings being represented by a cone shape, with our inner consciousness being placed at the top of the cone. As we attend to and connect with this inner consciousness the benefits overflow into all aspects of our lives. I have seen pictures of Jesus with the spiritual heart, and now I can feel I actually have a heart with energy like this emanating from it.

Sarah Domigan, Student of Arka Dhyana, Auckland, New Zealand


“I am grateful for having had the great blessing of having met you this life time! My spiritual heart soars when I recall your teachings, (the words of the silence are the sweetest to me)! A most wonderful day was the day of the summer retreat when you spoke by the water and we walked thru the forest to the hill that overlooked the lake. Your words were pure gold to our ears! I wish you many blessings and look forward to your visit to Canada when ever that may be.

Bev, Toronto, Canada


“How can I explain Arka Dhyana? I don’t know. If I could weave my experience into words, I would have to open my heart to you and show you how I find that the dove singing outside sounds better inside me.

I would have to share with you the great mystery I find in a simple drop of dew, since I started practicing it. I would have to open my heart to you, and ask you to be the one to name the vast and beautiful open field I walk into every time I go into my inner space, because I simply cannot find the words.

I cannot find the words. Love? Peace? Are those the ones that best describe the immense sensation that keeps growing within? I don’t know. I suspect that it is more than that, because every time I go in, I discover a new way of seeing the sunrays. Every time I sit and meditate, I find that the air has changed and that I feel more open, because that which I feel is not just in my body anymore, but also outside of me. How can I explain my experience with Arka Dhyana?”

Ivonne Casillas, México D.F


“Since 2008 I’ve been practicing Arka Dhyana. Some occasions I took vacations with my parents and invited them to practice Arka Dhyana with me. They liked it. My dad, although he already was quite a calmed person, said this meditation gave him a deeper sensation of peace. Some months ago he was seriously sick and in the last hours before he passed away I was practicing Arka Dhyana with him. He had a beautiful transition full of peace and love. I am grateful for the help Arka Dhyana gave us to live this so special experience.”

Martha Alicia, Bravo, Mexico


“I have been learning and actively practicing Arka Dhyana for just over 12 years. Since the beginning Arka Dhyana gave me a deeper sense of Self and more joy in life, with glimpses of great experiences of the spiritual light within. These experiences have been growing and expanding since then, manifesting more and more and presenting my inner consciousness within in my everyday life. This special presence comes also with a sense of much inner space and certitude, bringing a higher perspective of all life and its deepest meaning, making me feel connected and part of everything. When my life in this noisy city (México) becomes too hectic or intense, I can come ‘home’ to my inner refuge and then things softly just take their proper place and rhythm in the inner silence. I gain clarity and become more efficient in everyday tasks, it pacifies strong emotions and centres me.

I had enjoy sharing the experience and effect of Arka Dhyana with groups and those keen to learn. We all become so profound and silent, sharing what is most precious within us from our truest heart. I love seeing people’s faces so rested and filled with smiles after Arka Dhyana. For some of them it was such a new experience of finding that there is something else other than body and mind… like it was for me in the beginning.

Arka Dhyana has been more than a lighthouse for me: a place of safety, self transformation, an inner time for being the Love that sustains my body, a space for certitude, peace, joy and gratitude, the path of blossoming…It has been the greatest blessing in my life, and I will be forever grateful to Srinivas Arka for having shared such precious knowledge and light with us, changing the direction of my life forever.”

Daniela Cremoux, México D.F. March 2012


“I practised some of the Intuitive Meditation (IM). At times, I found that my mind became more focused, especially when I recited SAA-ROO-GO-VAUM from the nasal. Reciting ROO made my mind feel at peace.

Now I do IM regularly and enjoy it a lot. At times I feel light-headed, relaxed and joyous having performed it. Reciting SAA-ROO-GO-VAUM helped to focus my mind and ignore external distraction. I find I am able to understand what I read. Nevertheless, the journey is going to be a long and arduous one.

Dr. H. N. Varambhia, Physicist – United Kingdom


“Didn’t think that it would be possible to get into such a relaxed state this easily. Unbelievable! Really enjoyed this and it is definitely something which is going to stay in my life.”

Alet Hoenickes – New Zealand


“After each class I leave feeling calmer, more relaxed and centred, and with a smile on my face. There is a blanket of happiness over me.”

Wendy Howell – New Zealand


“I first experienced Arka Dhyana first hand from Srinivas Arka. On one of his trips to New Zealand about 8 years ago, he ran a workshop in which he taught us the techniques. A year or two later, he told me to step out of my comfort zone and share the knowledge and experience with those ‘open to learning’. Part of me was flattered, but I was also very nervous. I began by just advertising in a local paper and people kept returning to classes as they experienced the positive benefits. Later, I was invited to teach at a local high school, in their night class section, and I was also invited to take day classes in a local creative art centre.

I am now also training teachers in Arka Dhyana so that we can move further a field to other areas. The beauty of this meditation is the quick results. I can literally see the changes in students – even after the first one hour session. They leave looking far more revived and positive – they smile, relax and give so much positive feedback, as they are refreshed and recharged.

The benefits are more far-reaching for me than I would ever have imagined. Not only am I more relaxed, but also physically other benefits have occurred. My health has improved and I am far more energetic. In fact, if my energy levels decrease I will sit for a few minutes and recharge myself with some of the Arka Dhyana IM techniques. It also brings me clarity and reassurance. If upset, even singing the sound is truly magical, calming and inspiring. My confidence in my abilities to tackle new challenges has increased, so much so, that I have been able to extend my career into another very challenging new field, at a time in life when most people are just putting up their feet in retirement—as grandparents usually do. This new learning will also be very helpful in my teaching as I can incorporate some new teaching skills with my classes.

IM has helped me to concentrate better, organize my life more efficiently and by also teaching the techniques involved, develop leadership qualities. I have, throughout my life, tried other meditation methods, but this method is so simple and so effective, with powers far beyond my wildest dreams. One of the great joys is to also see the changes in my students. So many students tell me that they are now able to handle problems far more easily, they don’t stress out as much with life’s challenges and they enjoy their children and their lives more, as they are more at peace. Some have taken up new career paths or experienced an increase in their creativity – which often happens – to put these newly explored talents to good use.

I feel that I am very fortunate to have been given this opportunity to motivate and to inspire others to bring out their full potential by allowing the heart to be heard, in preference to the mind. After all there is much wisdom in the old saying ‘Home is where the heart is’. IM method can lead us back to a real connection with our hearts, which in turn enriches our lives to become fuller, more meaningful and therefore happier. I believe that it is an essential tool in today’s noisy and demanding world.”

Carys Grant – New Zealand – Arka Dhyana IM Instructor


“Before I came to this course I was very, very depressed. I have never tried meditation before as I thought that I would fail. When reading about meditation, I always got a negative impression, but with Arka Dhyana you don’t get an obligated feeling. Arka Dhyana quietens my mind and brings me closer to being able to access my inner source and to be able to listen within. It is a realistic meditation. I can fit it in any time of the day and I feel that makes it a lot easier. Now I definitely miss it if I don’t do it every day.

The course is also very well constructed, and so easy to follow. I enjoyed the classes very much. I feel that Arka Dhyana has already changed my life.”

Naretha Nel – New Zealand


“I am very analytical and quite simply, I think too much. I tried a meditation that was said to help the mind calm down. It worked while I was in the class but when I tried to practice on my own, my mind became noisier. When I was taught Intuitive Meditation by Arka for the first time, I experienced a warming, soothing kind of peace in my mind and for the first time it became quiet. I found that by singing the unusual sound SAA-ROO-GO-VAUM, my busy mind became occupied in the sound and the sound began to soothe it.

My outlook on life in general was pessimistic and rather negative. But through the practice of IM, I began to appreciate more and more the everyday things I took for granted, I started developing gratitude, and slowly my view of life began to change. Intuitive Meditation allowed me to begin to see myself as if looking in a mirror and I began to identify habits and patterns that I repeat over and over again. I started becoming aware that these repeated patterns were making me miserable and then I started realizing the need to change. The more I meditated the stronger the message was that I had to start changing. I would become disappointed in myself whenever I repeated an old habit and would feel that my meditative practice was a waste, but I discovered that each time I went down, I would become uplifted faster. What took months to recover from in the past, would take weeks, days sometimes just hours or minutes.

I began to cope with negative situations better. After a sudden fall, I fractured my elbow and, for the first time in my life, I laughed at a negative event. Not just a surface laugh, but a deep laugh. I was able to see the humour in the moment despite the pain, discomfort and great inconvenience, and I accepted and surrendered to what had happened, even realizing that there was a lesson for me.

The beauty of IM is that you combine your own sound, your own healing touch and your breath. It’s so practical and simple. It doesn’t take hours and hours of your time, and is perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.

Cindy Mankasingh – Canada – Human Resources Advisor


“The philosophy and practice of Arka Dhyana IM as developed by Srinivas Arka is a delicate blend of the tangible realms of science and rational thought, and the mystical, non-material dimension of spiritual experience and phenomena. This intuitive method of meditation is simple to follow, gentle and accessible to all, yet leads to profound and life-changing insights. The practice of Arka Dhyana IM has enabled me to deepen my conscious awareness, and to bring an enhanced sense of presence to my life and my interaction with others. Thank you, Srinivas Arka, for your inspiration and guidance through IM.”

Menaka Thomas – Brisbane – Physiotherapist


“I don’t know how to describe the feeling that Arka Dhyana gives me, perhaps I could say that it is like recognizing me from inside, being inside in order to look better outside. For me, meditation has always meant to control the mind and now, just when I was ready to understand other ways, this method led me directly to my heart, passing by all the rest. I don’t need to control the mind anymore because my focus and all my feelings are smoothly directed to something more important, my heart. The vastness of the universe opens for you so that all the insignificant thoughts can disappear. This is what I feel.”

Elisa Bustin – Alicante, Spain


“The method Arka Dhyana with its three pillars of touch sound and breath is such an easy way to become “consciously aware” or aware of the “conscious life force” first in oneself and then in everybody and every living organisms. For me, it was first of all an investigation based on curiosity to learn what was below my hands and then this, over time, turned into (or maybe we can say awoke) many different layers of feelings and emotions including respect, gratitude and even awe. But there have not only been positive emotions that arose in the silence of my pathway. I have also had to recognize, integrate and embrace emotions such as guilt, fear, anxiety, control and sadness through love and inclusion rather than denial and avoidance. Now days my inner world is changing into something that I can only describe as the most profound “Love of That”. However I am also realizing that “Love” is not the end but, at least for me, it is the means and there is still much more to come. I can say that my practice of Arka Dhyana, has changed me totally and also made me realize there is much, much more to this inner journey than I ever imagined.”

Tina Lindhard – Spain – Psychologist, and Body Therapist


“As per our meeting it was an absolute pleasure with the tips you gave me towards life and how to live it is priceless. As saying that how to stay motivated and how to concentrate with just a little bit of meditation by doing Arka Dhyana in day to day chores are going to enhance my performance in future years to come so I hope. I sincerely thank you and hope to stay in contact with you more often and could learn more off you.”

Gawanjit Singh Bakshi – Auckland, New Zealand – Student


“I started practising Arka Dhyana about two years ago but in the last year have become more intensively involved. I felt the benefits of Arka Dhyana immediately through the simple process of soothing sounds, breath and touch combined. I felt calmer and more able to be present when communicating with people and in my daily actions. I started to notice the subtle and amazing hues of nature that had previously been mere background, the sounds and the colours becoming more vibrant. These changes resulted in my increasing commitment to take the time to meditate daily. It is hard to put into words the difference that Arka Dhyana has made to my life. I feel an amazing sense of gratitude for the simple things, for the people that make up my day and this brings me great joy. I have always relied on my intellect, now I rely more heavily on my intuition, I can more clearly read people’s behaviour and connect with them on a more profound level, I feel this connection in my heart. My own thought patterns and behaviours become clearer to me and I see where I need to change, grow and evolve. I seek out silence – I would have shunned it before, I would have become distracted and bored and try to busy myself with some activity. I watch less television, I eat healthier food, I am much more aware of my impact on the environment – I believe this is because I am more consciously aware and can see connections to my health and spiritual well-being. I truly believe that Arka Dhyana helps people to reach their full potential; for me it has created a sense of real purpose and meaning in my life, given me the confidence to step out and make my contribution in everything I do.”

Trish Tapara – Auckland, New Zealand – Consultant – Organisational Development


“As the fragrance from the flower glorifies the beauty of the flower, as a ray of light from the Sun energizes plants and human beings, Arka Dhyana to me is the food for my soul and consciousness. It provides me with inspiration, motivation and energy to combat my daily activities in a positive and relaxing way.

Recently, during our weekly Meditation practice classes, we have explored different variation methods and found some encouraging results.

Arka Dhyana is a precious teaching given by Srinivas Arka (founder) and practicing it has allowed me to experience great positive effects it bought me physically and within. It’s very difficult for me to describe my inner feelings about this Intuitive Meditation Method in words, but would encourage people to undertake and allow them to experience within the benefits that it brings.”

Ashish Patel – Fiji Islands – Meditation Practice Feedback

“For many years I tried different types of meditation techniques yet my search seemed incomplete until I met Srinivas Arka in 2004. Instantly I was drawn to what seemed a simple yet profound meditation practice and Srinivas Arka’s teachings. As a clinical pharmacist, I have found that this meditation intricately weaves together science and spirituality. Through practice, experience and encouragement I was inspired to share Arka Dhyana with others. Regular Dhyana Workshops are now being held in conjunction with Whispered Secrets Yoga and Healing Centre.”

Ashika – Auckland


“From the first time I sat to do the Saa Roo Go Vaum meditation I felt a sense of lightness and peace and an increase in my energy levels.

I have also felt very much more grounded, peaceful and became much more aware of my surroundings. I find that I notice the change in energy levels when I go into spaces that have been used for meditation and prayer, a vibrant energy that is also peaceful at the same time. I have also found my health improving as I sing the Saa Roo Go Vaum notes into pain that appears in my body. I find pain gently lifts and this brings me calmness.

I have found Hansa’s guidance to be both beautiful and enlightening since the time when we first sat together to do the Saa Roo Go Vaum meditation. It is very helpful to have someone to talk to about your experiences with new meditation. I have also found from our discussions and meditations much more freedom of expression and a more balanced approach to the choices I make about the use of my time for work, study, life balance.

I find that sitting to do meditation first thing in the morning makes my day much more peaceful and flowing and I am able to be much more thoughtful about how I approach the events of my day as it unfolds. I also find a meditation at lunch time to help keep this balance and to keep my energy steady for the afternoon. Also a meditation in the evening helps me to look at the days events and give thanks for what has ensued.

Giving thanks to my family for creating me and thanks to all my guides and teachers has also enabled me to feel much more humble with regards to my life’s journey and to enable me to see more clearly those that have touched my life in a beautiful way, transforming my experiences and allowing me to blend much more harmoniously my material form life with that of my spirit and all of our intertwined spirits.”

Tracey Scott-Nicholson – Auckland


Having had the privilege of meeting Srinivas Arka I have found that his book, Arka Dhyana, reflects his warmth of spirit and sense of calm.  it is beautifully written, giving the reader spiritual and practical guidance”

Patricia Oke – Birmingham, United Kingdom – Teacher