To achieve maximum benefit from your meditation time, here are some disciplines of meditation for you to follow:

  • Avoid meditating in air conditioned rooms as it affects the quality of your breath and the pronunciation of sounds such as SAA-ROO-GO-VAUM and also might affect the genuine experience of meditation.
  • Do not meditate when tired or if you are extremely sleepy.
  • When you want to meditate to energise yourself whilst ill, do not be rigid with your meditative posture.
  • Always drink some water before you begin to meditate.
  • Do not meditate for long hours without having a quality experience.
  • Always sit on a cushion on the floor when meditating, unless your physical condition restricts you.
  • Do not meditate under bright light as it drains your energy, and causes more heat to radiate from your head whilst increasing stimulation to your eyes.
  • Avoid meditating in the dark indoors, it is preferable to have soft lights not directly facing your eyes and if outdoors, meditate during dusk.
  • Keep mobile phones at a good distance from you in order to avoid peripheral radiation, so you can experience pure energy radiation of your own.
  • Do not meditate with either a filled or a completely empty stomach.

“Go touch the heart.
Draw the curtain of your eyes.
Inhale the beauty of Nature.
Exhale all that you want to unburden.
Celebrate the light of life.”

Srinivas Arka