Through breath you can connect with your inner Self. Breathing symbolically reminds you of every moment, of every rhythmic pulse of the life-force. If breathing is understood and experienced, you can tune in to the rhythm of the body, with Nature and other living beings. Breathing is a natural act, both voluntary and involuntary, between the palpable body and the touchless spirit within. It is physical, yet mystical, and when consciously embraced in silence, it is a spiritual experience.

Controlling one’s breathing means controlling one’s emotion. Controlling emotion by controlling breathing is physical. Controlling breathing through emotion is a mystical experience. Forceful deep breathing may produce some temporary benefits but it can cause problems. However, letting everything flow naturally like a river, with only subtle graceful navigation, gives long lasting positive results, energy and inspiration. If you become absolutely absorbed in your breath, it becomes very subtle and you acquire spiritual insights and experiences.

“Physically speaking, breathing is just an oxidative process in the cells, yet it also inspires and energizes life and does much more when you become unified with it – inhaling beauty, truth, love and inspiration from the world and then exhaling all that blocks you from experiencing joy, grace, peace and progress.”
Srinivas Arka