Why is meditation important for us?

Everyone knows the benefits of going to school, college or studying for a diploma. Education enables betterment of the human race, achieving knowledge of the world so as to share, care and contribute more within society. Science and technology has contributed greatly providing greater comfort to our physical living. However, we are pulled too much towards the external life, living in a one-sided manner, entertaining ourselves in intervals between our work and our responsibilities; this in itself does not bring us complete fulfilment.

We feel, speak, think, say and do things; we are sentimental beings, with intuition, emotions and expression. Living is multi-faceted, the two main facets are: the internal life as we breathe in and the external life as we breathe out, both vitally important for us to feel spiritually fulfilled. As conscious beings we need to pay attention to our inner growth to find peace. We will want to improve our positive thinking, emotional and physical health and move towards a deeper understanding of life.

Just as physical exercise is essential to keep ourselves physically fit, so also we have to meditate to refresh and recharge ourselves. We can live without meditation but our ability to empathize becomes weaker and, as a result, we become more mechanical, self-centred and selfish. Without meditation you will never know how deep and special you truly are and how microcosmically external nature is working in our bodies.

We share, teach and train people to look into their inner realms of consciousness through Intuitive Meditation called Arka Dhyana. After such study, through their own inquiry and experience they become transformed with new insights and inspiration.

Therefore it is important to go into Dhyana. Initially we sit silently with eyes closed, in a relaxed position, with open mindedness and receptivity. Sometimes meditation can also be spontaneous and inspirational. When we are in Dhyana, the mind calms, intuition rises, physical problems seem alleviated. The body ages faster than it should when it has to cope with the speed of the anxious mind. Bringing the mind back to pace and rhythm of the body helps reduce stress and find harmony within.

In Dhyana we see ourselves in everyone, we embrace the universe. We become so deep and infinite, we experience agelessness and timelessness, a beautiful mystical experience so refreshing and re-energising.

How is Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation different from other meditation methods?

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation occurs at the heart level and helps the practitioner journey from the mind to heart. You use your own touch, sound and conscious breathing in this method.

Many say that they try meditation but cannot get the mind to quiet down.

In the practice of Arka Dhyana, the singing of the mystical sound SAA-ROO-GO-VAUM, the conscious touching of the key points in the body, and the slow conscious breathing occupies the mind of the practitioner in a positive way and gradually takes them to the heart level. It therefore becomes possible to experience more peace and unity within and discover their intuitive ability, bringing forth positive results in their daily life.

What does ‘Arka Dhyana’ mean?

The name ‘Arka Dhyana’ comes from the Sanskrit language. The term ‘Arka’ means the Sun and symbolises Soul and enlightened clarity. ‘Dhyana’ has a much deeper meaning than meditation; it means ‘to contemplate’ or ‘meditate with the involvement of your heart’. Dhyana means experiencing fulfilment with profound conscious awareness eventually eliminating all differences and contradictions internally and externally.

Is it possible to understand Consciousness through Arka Dhyana?

An important precept of Arka Dhyana philosophy is that “human consciousness recognises itself, and distinguishes itself, from matter, energy, space, time, light and material living”.

We are gifted with immense infinite resources, but our thinking mind blocks us from accessing our own oceanic inner universe. Most of the time we feel empty in the heart because we are constantly drawn to the surface.

The cultivation of rational and logical approaches sharpens our intelligence, which gradually becomes one of the most powerful faculties of consciousness that can perceive, assimilate and acknowledge abstract concepts and ideas. This is not adequate; we need to include spiritual practice, self-reflection and meditation for overall expansion of consciousness.

You can observe a gesture, such as Jñāna mudra, and place it gently on your chest. Keep your eyes closed and hum the sound SAAROOGOVAUM. You may begin to experience a sense of unity. Thinking becomes less and feelings become more. You train yourself in withdrawing your consciousness from the head to the heart region. Gradually with time, you will be able to experience it inspirationally without even observing the gesture. The different levels of consciousness can be experienced via the Arka Dhyana IM.

We expand our consciousness when we dwell deep in our hearts. When we make our effort to withdraw outgoing energies and resources and consciousness into our hearts; then we can experience something profound. It is a journey from the Rational Mind to the Emotional heart to a Pure Consciousness. In this state we will be able to access invaluable higher information related to life and elemental forces involved with our existence.

One’s personal spiritual development means experiencing one’s spiritual self, manifesting in our bodies and minds, via the heart. This happens through practice and recognising growth, and also by becoming consciously aware of one’s evolution. This is an adventure of self-discovery, eventually leading to a fulfilling experience.

What is Awareness?

Awareness is the effect of consciousness. If consciousness were a flower, awareness would be its fragrance and the brain would be the stem. You can cultivate awareness over a period of time by wilfully allowing it to flow or work in a specific direction, and can thus increase your knowledge of a subject.

Everyone has the potential to raise their awareness in any field they desire. Sometimes they develop it on their own through self-learning or by formal education, or they may be motivated or helped to progress by seeing someone who has already raised their awareness in specific fields. There is currently a trend towards increasing awareness of health, the environment and spirituality in everyone.

What is Conscious Awareness?

Conscious awareness takes one to an even deeper level. It is not just a matter of raising awareness intellectually through knowledge. Here you raise your awareness emotionally and with the full involvement of your deeper emotive-mind prevailing in the heart region. In regularly practicing Arka-Dhyana Intuitive Meditation, you have the potential to raise your conscious awareness. In this process you experience positive energy, intuitive wisdom and a sense of direction. This is not comprehensible to logical understanding but can be experienced mystically and spiritually – inner reality has the potential to become outside reality.

Some people may be conscious but are not effectively aware of their presence. Some are aware on the surface but not consciously aware because their emotional heart is not involved. Raising conscious awareness can be long lasting. Raising awareness merely on a certain issue of life may not be sustained for long, as it needs to be nursed from time to time. Even the earth has consciousness, so it is enormously conscious of its orbital movement and its life, resources and destination, with many reactions and expressions.

What are the guidelines for learning and practising Arka Dhyana?

Arka Dhyana Online Theory Course
The philosophy and concept of Arka Dhyana gives an understanding of how the three components of touch, sound and breath work together and help us in raising our level of conscious awareness and increase our positive potential. It is recommended that you take the Arka Dhyana Online Theory Course so that you may be able to fully understand the philosophy of this meditation method.

Arka Dhyana Practical Course
It is conducted in various countries for the benefit of people around the globe.

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Who can take Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation course?

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation courses can be taken by anyone regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, or gender. Genuine interest to explore and experience one’s inner-self would be sufficient to learn and practice.

What do I need to bring to each class in the Practical Course?

Wear loose and comfortable clothing which allows you to move around freely. Arka Dhyana should not be performed on a full stomach, but feel free to bring water or some fresh juice. Please remember to bring your cushion.

What support do I have after I finish the Practical Course?

Once you complete the Practical Course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can always contact your instructor for further information. Additionally, you can join the Dhyana student circle where you can discuss your practice with fellow students, take part in Dhyana research and be part of our global community.